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Single Blue Female

By iva @iva2017-09-15 12:50:37.495Z2017-09-15 13:22:20.547Z

Super simple plan that swears by - Get on top, stay on top - Finish

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  1. arm drag trap

    to ko uchi gari

    effectively ending up in top half guard.

    1. Once in Top Half guard Estimate Opponent. Walk The leg that's inside halfguard so your foot is next to their butt so they can't get you into lockdown. Do not over committ with your body weight

      Can you free your knee?

      1. Yes.

        1. Go to full Mount

          I prefer Catching Arm Triangles from here, so isolate one elbow and nail it in...

          1. In reply toiva:

            If they Turn While you Transition Do Chair sits

          2. In reply toiva:

            No. Opponent is too strong or too invested in it.

            1. Reverse half and control the hip instead

              Do you want to attack Kimura or Legs?

              1. Kimura
                Reverse To the other side instead

                Secure the Wrist - Five finger Grips - Do the Ryan Hall Twist thing

                Leandro Lo Invert Finish or Kimura Trap?

                1. Leandro Lo Finish

                  Pass the hook to the other foot and finish

                  1. In reply toiva:

                    Kimura Trap

                    OF course it won't be this shiny, kick it out.

                  2. In reply toiva:

                    Dean Lister's Ugly Girl Pretty Girl System
                    Reverse this way