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The Iranians (pt.2) - Underhooks, forward pressure

By @maddox2017-07-17 01:43:31.758Z2017-07-17 06:09:48.657Z

Masoud Esmailpoor Jouybari (2X Worlds Medalist)

He relies almost exclusively on the underhook. Everyone knows what he's going to do, and they still can't stop him.

1. Jouybari likes to initiate the tie in the same manner as Yazdani. Controls the hands, then head, then digs the underhook.

Once Jouybari controls the hand, he pulls it outwards (palm up) to get the underhook.

Early defense to this is to free your arm

Metcalf reaches across to control the wrist and withdraws his arm, elbow to hip

Jouybari fights the collar tie by attacking the hands/wrists until he can get to the tie up that he wants to be in

2. With the underhook, Jouybari gets low and drives forward

If he doesn't get a takedown from this, he'll more often than not get the push out (1 pt. in freestyle)

3. Once he gets the underhook the positioning is the same.

Off of his forward drive, Jouybari drops to his knee behind Bogomoev's right leg and picks the ankle, shelving the leg to secure the position

Here's another look at the same technique

If the whizzer is not in Jouybari moves straight to the back

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