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The Iranians - Handfighting, Pummeling, and Underhooks

By @maddox2017-07-15 08:31:03.538Z2017-07-15 09:23:08.973Z

2016 Olympic Champ at 74kg - Hassan Yazdani-Charati: A look at some of the best hand fighting, use of underhooks, and forward pressure in the game. This, of course, is all predicated on excellent conditioning, stance, and positioning.

1. Controls hands before reaching for the collar tie

Yazdani initially reaches for the collar tie over the top of Dieringer's collar tie, when Yaz switches hands on the collar he takes the outside tie with his left arm instead of pummeling inside to control the bicep; this is intentional, it sets up the rest of his game.

2. From collar with elbow control, pushes elbow in, snaps, and gets underhook

Head moves to opposite side of the underhook.

This too...

-- Too much forward pressure? Snapdown to clear

If a takedown doesn't come from the snapdown, he ends up neutral and restarts the process. Back to #1.

3. With the underhook, Yazdani is in position to score

Green moves backward to avoid the underhook, this sets up the knee tap right away.

Still too much forward pressure?

Instead of controlling the collar with his right hand, Yazdani instead switches to the tricep on the outside, pulling down as he punches through with his underhook

4. Even when Yazdani loses the underhook, he's still in position to score

Here Sharifov elbow pummels to beat the underhook... Yazdani moves from the underhook and goes over the top to hit a slide by.

...and Sharifov is also an Olympic champion.

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