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Side control bottom

By @bjammin9912017-06-02 02:11:41.331Z

Flow chart for escapingside control

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  1. Side control bottom with no frames

    1. Get head frame by rocking opponent forward and sneaking arm in

      1. Get hip frame by posting up on shoulder and sneaking arm in

        1. In reply tobjammin991:

          If you can't get hip frame, push opponent's head towards your hips with head frame and sneak other hand between your head and their shoulder

          1. Post up on your shoulder then shrimp away, using both hands on your opponents arm as a frame

      2. In reply tobjammin991:

        SIde control with both frames

        1. Post up on your shoulder, then shrimp away framing against your opponent's arm and shoulder.

          1. Bring your knee in and regain guard.

            1. In reply tobjammin991:

              Use your bottom arm to hook their outside arm. Roll under it and come up on top of turtle. Make sure to pull on their arm to help you around and pull them in.