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Open Guard - Tripod Sweep Series (Part 3)

By @tylerdurden2017-03-31 23:36:18.117Z

In this section we will explore some options relating to the Sickle Sweep.

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  1. Opponent Presses Tripod Posting Leg and Moves Back

    In this scenario the opponent presses down on your posting leg while moving their hips back to clear your posting leg off as you attempt to attack the Tripod Sweep.

    1. Sickle Sweep When Opponent Presses Foot Off Hip

      Because you can feel your opponent pushing your posting leg, you know their intentions. As they press the leg off switch your initial hooking leg to the opponents near leg to become the posting leg and use your initial posting leg to sweep the opponent with the Sickle Sweep.

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      Opponent Circles Out Of Tripod Ankle Grab

      As you attempt to attack the Tripod Sweep the opponent manages to pummel out of your ankle control by circling their leg.

      1. Sickle Sweep When Opponent Circles Out Of Ankle Grab

        Once the opponent circles out, use the butterfly hook of your hooking leg to pull you towards the opposite ankle. Once you secure the ankle bring your posting leg from the far hip to the near hip and use the Sickle Sweep to attack the opponent.

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        Failed Sickle Sweep - Opponent Hops Over Sickle Sweep or is Out of Range

        The opponent may counter your Sickle Sweep by either hopping over your attempt to sweep them, or by stepping their rear leg backwards making it out of range for the sweep.

        1. Transition to Tripod Sweep When Opponent Hops Over or is Out of Range

          By switching your foot position and changing your hip position, you can easily transition back to the Tripod Sweep. At this point hopefully you can see how well the Tripod Sweeps and Sickle Sweep transition between one and another.

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            Failed Sickle Sweep to Single Leg X Guard Reap to Ashi Garami Heel Hook

            If your Sickle Sweep fails you can take your hooking leg and kick it forward to come inside and around the opponents leg to attack reaping leg lock controls.

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              Transition to 50-50 Guard

              Instead of going around the opponents leg like in the above example you can instead knee the back of the opponents knee to break them down into 50-50. Note that you can do this if your Sickle Sweep fails, or as an initial attack that can transition back into a Sickle Sweep.