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Bottom Half Guard - Far Side Kimura Series (Part 4)

By @tylerdurden2017-03-26 22:22:00.271Z

4: The Hip Post

A versatile position allowing for powerful grip breaks and finishes, with the ability to set up further attacks.

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  1. Attacking the Kimura

    1. Kick and kimura finish from hip post

      1. Hip post to armbar (When opponent rolls out of Kimura)

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      Attacking the Armbar

      1. Leg weave to rolling armbar (Force opponent to roll forward)

        1. Leg Weave to rolling armbar (Force opponent back)

          If the opponent is posturing up it is sometimes easier to force them back rather than forcing them to roll.

          1. Leg Weave to juji roll armbar

            Note that this can be used to attack the standard armbar or a triangle/armbar combination.

            1. Leg weave to juji roll with foot grab (Opponent won’t roll)

              1. Hip post to leg block sweeping armbar

                1. Leg weave to grapevine armbar

                  1. Leg weave failed armbar to roll over back take (when opponent lowers hips)

                    Leg weave failed armbar to step over back take

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        Attacking the Triangle

        1. Hip post to inverted triangle

          1. Leg weave to rear triangle

            1. Leg weave inversion to triangle

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          Other Attacks

          1. Hip post to head scissors

            1. Hip post to bicep slicer

              1. Hip post to torque over kneebar