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Bottom Half Guard - Far Side Kimura Series (Part 3)

By @tylerdurden2017-03-26 21:51:55.378Z2017-03-31 01:04:54.250Z

3: Transitions to the Hip Post

Transitioning to the hip post, aka the stepover or the kimura lockdown, a dominant finishing position.

Note that there is some danger of stepping over to the hip post against opponent in good posture.

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  1. High Low Half

    Sometimes if you lack the flexibility or the opponent has head position that prevents you from getting to the hip post, the high low half is a nice "in between" spot to transition from.

    1. Half inversion to high low half to hip post

      1. High low half kimura to kneebar/toe hold

        Switch grips and attack the leg, bears many similarities with tornado half guard.

        1. High low half sweep to kimura setup

          The high low half can be used as a kimura setup if you are not already attacking the kimura,

    2. In reply totylerdurden:

      Other Transitions

      Transitions in which you do not use the high low half guard position.

      1. Shrimp and step over to hip post

        Create some space with your hips and step over to the hip post.

        1. Shin press/pivot to hip post

          An alternative method to the high low half to create space when the opponent has good head position.

          1. Swing to hip post

            1. Swing to north south to hip post

              1. Swing to post and jump over to hip post

                1. Swing to stacked shin in armbar, leg weave to hip post

                  1. Step over to hip post from kimura hook sweep (When opponent reestablishes base)

                    1. Hip post from kimura trap (When opponent back rolls out)