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Bottom Half Guard - Far Side Kimura Series (Part 2)

By @tylerdurden2017-03-26 03:10:29.361Z

2: The Swing

The swing is a situation where you either release the half guard proactively, or the opponent passes your half and/or attempts the spinning armbar counter.

Note that whoever is able to get their knee in to the opponents hip will be able to armbar the other.

However the top player will always have an advantage due to gravity.

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  1. Kimura Sweep Series

    Based around sweeping the opponent and getting top position, either as a transition or to continue attacking the Kimura.

    1. Kimura sweep (To near side kimura)

      1. Kimura sweep (Jump over to far side kimura)

        1. Failed kimura sweep to turtle pull out to armlock or sweep (When opponent blocks hips)

          1. Failed turtle sweep to sumi gaeshi sweep (When opponent drives in)

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      Armbar Series

      An attack series in which you use the Kimura grip to transition to a straight armlock.

      1. Swing to shin in armbar

        1. Shin in armbar (Vs opponent getting up from kimura sweep)

          Used to attack an opponent when your opponent beats you up after a kimura sweep.

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        Back Attack Series

        A series where you focus on transitioning to the opponents back, or positions where you can attack the back or crucifix.

        1. Swing vault to turtle

          Can be used to attack the back or crucifix as well as other Kimura transitions. Note that like the final technique of the armbar series this can be used when your opponent is quicker than you after a Kimura sweep.

          1. Swing to back take.

            1. Swing to back take/armbar (When opponent pins knee shield)

              Note the relation between the knee to hip position on the back take and the armbar and how similar both techniques are.