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To Create a Mindmap:

  1. Create a New Topic
  2. Give it a Title, choose a category (MMA/GRAPPLING/STRIKING)
  3. In the Topic Type Select "Mindmap"
  4. Almost there! Click "Create Topic" to creates your mindmap

Start mapping:
5. Press Add Mind Map Node to create a branch
6. Add words and/or just paste your gif/video link inside.
7. Repeat

How Branching Works

  1. Where you reply determines the hierarchy of your branch. Higher up you branch,
  2. You can branch as deep as you want, but be careful, simpler trees are easier!
  3. If you click just right next to Reply, and select "Branch Sideways" . Your branches will expand side ways. You can toggle sideways branching

10. You can click and hold anywhere on the map to scroll around it
11. Click on Scroll at the bottom right to go to the top or botom.

Helpful tips
12. Check out some gif archives or create your own at , etc

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